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Crackling Scented and Unscented Candles, Reed Diffusers, Oils and Melts

The story behind the name and our Contact Details

TEL. 07432159661        EMAIL. [email protected]


We, like our products, are born and raised in the fresh air and far reaching valleys of South Wales.


Hatched late 2016 from a mix of creative nature and a loathing for the ordinary, what started as 8 fragrances in stainless steel with crackling wooden wicks, has bloomed into dozens more scents for every palette, candles in different shapes and sizes, and other products designed to bring you the therapy that comes from the power of scents.

Small Beginnings...

We innovate.


We look for use or re-use in all our products.


We home source as much as possible, and work with other crafters to provide you with ultra unique "one of a kind" products.


We are enthusiastic about what we do, and want you to be enthralled by what we make.




Hand Crafted? How hand crafted?


There is a love and personal touch, as well as a dedication to quality, in every product we make.


Every scent is conceived, trialed, perfected and then hand mixed in small batches of wax.


Every wick is hand treated, cut, sustained, and every candle is hand poured and topped for that distinct crisp look.


All our bags are hand stamped. Our scrolls are hand rolled and tied. Our products, hand tagged.


In short, every ounce of Cariad we have, goes into every single product we make, in Wales, just for you.


C O N T A C T   D I R E C T


Tel. 07432159661

Email. [email protected]




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