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A beautiful blend of magnesium salts, dead sea salts, Epsom salts and himalayan salts, layered in Italian Glass bottles and gift wrapped, a perfect bathroom product for yourself or a loved one :)
Mixed Bath Salts in Italian Glass
Gently blending in as part of the bedroom furniture, this classic glass jar holds 11 ceramic speheres soaked to the max in a blend of your choice.
Essential OIl Spheres
Take your essential oils with you, in your hotel room, by your desk, anywhere you need to stop and take 5! You only need to open these super scented tins for short period of time to enjoy the blends.
Travel Essential Oil Beads
Rose Steel Candle with a dusting of Rose petals, a Heart Rose Christmas hanging and a set of Rose melts.
Rose Candle and Melt Set
And it's back for a limited time.
Steel Container Wood Wick Candle
Still buying wax melts in throw away plastic?
Wax Melts
Share something personal on the Christmas Tree this year!
Hanging Scent-imental Hearts
You know when the office gets too much? Paperwork piles up, deadlines are mounting and your stress levels are through the roof? Or you just need 5 to yourself?
Essential Therapy Keyring
Beautifully hand poured and packaged wax melts, in the form of a rose bud, and perfect to say "thinking of you".
Forever Scented Roses